The University of Rhode Island Research Foundation’s (URIRF) mission is to promote industry and university collaboration and new technology ventures for economic growth and job creation in Rhode Island, the U.S. and the world. URIRF’s unique private, nonprofit status allows it to support a broad range of technology transfer activities, including licensing, startup company formation, equity investments and intellectual property protection. URIRF moves research results from the lab to the marketplace.

The URI Division of Research and Economic Development and URIRF work together to develop the inventive and creative works of URI’s faculty, employees and students, and to commercialize this intellectual property for the benefit of society. Together they:

  • Identify sponsored funding opportunities to validate and develop commercial applications of university inventions.
  • License and market URI inventions to industry partners.
  • Connect industry needs with URI technology, facility and people assets.
  • Form new ventures

URIRF’s primary goal in promoting URI’s intellectual property (IP) is to facilitate the commercialization of university inventions into innovative products, solutions and services which benefit society and advance RI’s economy.

Financial Reporting

The University of Rhode Island Research Foundation’s most recent IRS Form 990 (pdf) and audited financial statements are available for public viewing.


16-32.1-2 Creation and powers. – (a) There is hereby authorized, created and established a public corporation having a legal existence distinct from the state and not constituting a department of state government, to be known as the University of Rhode Island Research Foundation, with such powers as are set forth in this chapter, for the purposes of the development of scientific research, technology, commercialization of intellectual property and such other purposes as may be necessary to develop, promote and enhance scientific research and technology at the University of Rhode Island.

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